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Nothing wrong with cutting number of Toronto City Councillors during election campaign: Court of Appeal

In a 3-2 decision, the Court of Appeal for Ontario in Toronto (City) v. Ontario (Attorney General) held that the Province of Ontario’s decision to reduce the number of Toronto City Councillors from 47 to 25 in the middle of a municipal election did not violate any constitutional rights of candidates or citizens. In a nod to the prevailing administrative law principle that courts should rarely interfere in political decisions, the Court of Appeal set aside a lower court decision that found the change imposed by the Province had violated the right of free expression guaranteed under the Canadian Charter ... [more]

Foreign Online Trading Platforms Pay Steep Fines to OSC

The Ontario Securities Commission recently approved settlement agreements with two online trading platforms that were alleged to have contravened Ontario securities laws by engaging in unregistered selling of derivatives and ... [more]

Supreme Court Class Action Decision In Godfrey

The Supreme Court of Canada released its judgment today in the price-fixing class action, Pioneer Corp. v. Godfrey, 2019 SCC 42.  The Court held: Limitations The discoverability rule applies to ... [more]

Context Matters: The continued evolution of Defamation Law

Defamation law continues to grow and change as courts attempts to balance the constitutional right to freedom of expression with the right against reputational damage. This evolution continued in the ... [more]

Key Recommendations from the Law Commission of Ontario Report on Class Actions

Ontario’s Class Proceedings Act, 1992 was introduced almost 30 years ago. Since then, class actions in Canada have expanded in volume and impact. The Law Commission of Ontario is an ... [more]