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Christopher Somerville

Christopher Somerville

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Chris Somerville demonstrates broad-ranging skills and knowledge in the areas of commercial and civil litigation, securities and employment law.

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Suing for unpaid legal fees (usually) not illegal, Divisional Court confirms

For decades, Ontario lawyers suing to collect their accounts have sometimes faced an obscure but potentially devastating obstacle: the Solicitors Act (Ontario).[1] On its face, s. 23 of the Act seems to ... [more] Full article

Limitation periods still matter in broker/dealer cases, appeal shows

The limitation period starts to run when the plaintiff has knowledge of a wrong and the facts that would constitute a cause of action, the Ontario Court of Appeal reaffirmed ... [more] Full article

At large, unlawful, and means: threatening business pays from rare tort at Court of Appeal

When business gets nasty, tort law gets interesting. When someone knowingly sets out to harm others, the common law gives victims special tools to seek redress. One is the tort known variously as ... [more] Full article

After the Storm: only CIBC and IMAX class actions survive

In Ontario, the last four years have been overcast for securities class actions. The clouds lifted last week, when the Supreme Court clarified a critical limitation period by overturning the ... [more] Full article

OSC announces “no-contest” settlement program

The Ontario Securities Commission decided it will now settle enforcement proceedings in some cases without requiring admissions of fault (announced on March 11, 2014). This changes the OSC’s prior practice of generally requiring parties subject to enforcement to openly admit ... [more] Full article

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