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Masiel A. Matus

Masiel A. Matus

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Masiel Matus consistently demonstrates strong knowledge and ability in the areas of commercial litigation, class action defence, employment and competition law. Masiel has provided diligent case management and litigation support in several complex litigation trials, making her a trusted and valued member of the Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP team.

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Casinos may be liable to victims of problem gamblers

The Ontario Court of Appeal has reinstated an action against the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC) brought by third party victims of a fraud committed by a problem gambler who ... [more] Full article

Continuing breach results in rolling limitation period

Each and every day that a party remains in breach of a continuing obligation in a contract, a new cause of action and corresponding limitation period arises, the Court of ... [more] Full article

Employee suspension ruled constructive dismissal: Supreme Court

Employers would be wise to consider the terms of an employee’s contract before administratively suspending him or her. The Supreme Court of Canada held that administrative suspensions must be both ... [more] Full article

Tort of civil fraud requires proof of inducement, Supreme Court rules

The Supreme Court recently redefined the requirements to establish the tort of civil fraud (or tort of deceit) and held that proof that the defendant induced the plaintiff to act ... [more] Full article

Priceless: Competition case against Visa and MasterCard dismissed

The Competition Tribunal recently held that Visa and MasterCard’s rules do not constitute resale price maintenance, because their product, credit card network services, is not resold by their customers (known as ... [more] Full article

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