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Masiel A. Matus

Masiel A. Matus

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Masiel has a broad commercial litigation practice and represents both national and international clients in a variety of complex matters. Masiel has experience litigating cases involving professional negligence, commercial leasing and real property disputes, insurance, contract disputes, shareholder disputes, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of trust, employment matters and defamation claims.

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Court of Appeal to revisit employee’s right to wrongful dismissal damages regarding shareholdings

Update: The Court of Appeal reconsidered its earlier decision in light of Matthews v. Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd. but it did not change the outcome of the appeal. Read a ... [more] Full article

Commercial landlord on the hook for tenant shareholder’s loss in share value: Ontario Appellate Court clarifies limits on traditional rule that shareholders cannot sue for wrongs to the corporation

Shareholders of a corporation do not have a personal cause of action for wrongs committed against the corporation – such is the well-known rule in Foss v Harbottle. However, in ... [more] Full article

Alberta court declines to certify class action alleging negligent performance of investment advisory services

A proposed class proceeding for alleged negligent performance of investment advisory services was recently denied certification by the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. In Fisher v Richardson GMP Limited, ... [more] Full article

Court of Appeal upholds stay of secondary market misrepresentation claim on jurisdictional grounds

The Court of Appeal recently upheld the stay of a proposed shareholder class action for lack of jurisdiction. The appellant, Wai Kin Yip, brought a claim for secondary market misrepresentation ... [more] Full article

Simply creating a website for a business is not unregistered trading or “an act in furtherance of a trade”, court rules

Charges were dismissed by the Ontario Court of Justice in R v. Lowman against two individuals who, in connection with their creation of a website, were alleged to have engaged in ... [more] Full article