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Supreme Court of Canada clarifies the law of tort for pure economic losses and highlights the necessity of contracts

Karen Bernofsky

In 1688782 Ontario Inc. v. Maple Leaf Foods Inc. 2020 SCC 35, the Supreme Court of Canada concluded that franchisees could not make a claim against a supplier, Maple Leaf Foods, for the purely economic losses caused by potentially contaminated meats because they had not entered into a contract directly with Maple Leaf and Maple Leaf never undertook to provide them with edible meats. The Plaintiffs were franchisees of Mr. Sub. Under the franchise agreement, the franchisees were only allowed to purchase meat from the defendant unless they had Mr. Sub’s permission. While Mr. Sub had entered into a contract ... [more] Full article

At large, unlawful, and means: threatening business pays from rare tort at Court of Appeal

When business gets nasty, tort law gets interesting. When someone knowingly sets out to harm others, the common law gives victims special tools to seek redress. One is the tort known variously as ... [more] Full article

“Intentional interference with economic relations” now called “unlawful means tort” – Supreme Court of Canada clarifies test for tort

The tort of unlawful interference with economic relations has also been referred to as “interference with a trade or business by unlawful means”, “intentional interference with economic relations”, “causing loss ... [more] Full article

Court of Appeal Upholds $3 Million Judgment in Bad Faith Revocation Case

In its decision released earlier this year in Rosenhek v. Windsor Regional Hospital,[i] the Court of Appeal for Ontario affirmed a $3 million judgment awarded to a doctor in his action against a hospital arising from the denial of hospital privileges to him. The Court concluded that the hospital’s Board of Governors had acted in bad faith in summarily revoking the doctor’s hospital privileges primarily because he didn’t “fit in” with his fellow staff members. [more] Full article

Attacks on Business Interests Contributors

Michael Binetti

Michael Binetti

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Michael Binetti, a partner of the firm, brings a proven litigation background plus extensive experience in arguing both trials and appeals. He has demonstrated his strategic legal capability and expertise in wide-ranging areas of litigation. Michael’s peers and clients have commented that Michael is an “excellent and creative lawyer,” “finds unique solutions to complex problems,” and that “Michael gets it and knows how to win.”

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