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Michael Binetti

Michael Binetti

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Michael Binetti, a partner of the firm, brings a proven litigation background plus extensive experience in arguing both trials and appeals. He has demonstrated his strategic legal capability and expertise in wide-ranging areas of litigation. Michael’s peers and clients have commented that Michael is an “excellent and creative lawyer,” “finds unique solutions to complex problems,” and that “Michael gets it and knows how to win.”

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Directors Fined Personally in FlightHub DRIP Pricing Settlement

In our Competition Law Year In Review 2019, we reported on Canada’s Competition Bureau’s interim consent agreement with FlightHub prohibiting it from using misleading marketing practices on its websites. On ... [more] Full article

Bogus trial offer scheme lands business $15 million fine

A Canadian Competition Bureau investigation concluded that Revive You Media operated a subscription trap scam. It provided the false impression on its websites that consumers were ordering free trials without ... [more] Full article

Wrong square footage leads to rescission of agreement of purchase and sale

In Issa v. Wilson,[1] the Ontario Court of Appeal affirmed a trial decision[2] that set aside an agreement of purchase and sale on the basis that the size of the ... [more] Full article

Ontario Government Can’t Force Gas Stations to Post Anti-Carbon Tax Stickers

The Ontario government disagreed with the Federal government’s decision to impose a fuel charge to combat climate change. To show its displeasure, the Province passed legislation that required gasoline retailers ... [more] Full article

Facebook pays $9 million fine for allowing sharing of personal data with 3rd party apps

Following a record-breaking $5 billion (US) penalty imposed by the US Federal Trade Commission in July 2019, Facebook agreed to pay a $9 million (Canadian) penalty to settle allegations that ... [more] Full article