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Christian Farahat

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Christian Farahat is a former associate of Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Competition Law Review

Contributors: Michael Osborne, Sonny Ingram, Jennifer Dyck, and Christian Farahat. Review of all Canadian Competition Law developments over the last 12 months, plus some US and EU developments, including: Mergers, Criminal, Private Actions, Reviewable Matters, Marketing Practices, The Long Arm of US Antitrust, Across the Pond Top Stories

  • Hard time for hard core cartels
  • Class action requirements loosened
  • Suncor - Petro-Canada merger gets green light
  • Nadeau’s feathers ruffled by Tribunal
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Court of Appeal Upholds $3 Million Judgment in Bad Faith Revocation Case

In its decision released earlier this year in Rosenhek v. Windsor Regional Hospital,[i] the Court of Appeal for Ontario affirmed a $3 million judgment awarded to a doctor in his action against a hospital arising from the denial of hospital privileges to him. The Court concluded that the hospital’s Board of Governors had acted in bad faith in summarily revoking the doctor’s hospital privileges primarily because he didn’t “fit in” with his fellow staff members. [more] Full article

January 2010 Commercial Litigation Update

An update on significant commercial litigation decisions released recently in Ontario.

Contributers: Kenneth Dekker, Jennifer Dyck, Christian Farahat, Sonny Ingram, and Michael Osborne. An update on significant commercial litigation decisions released recently in Ontario. [more] Full article

Investment industry practice can be considered in determining whether contract is formed, Court of Appeal rules

In its decision earlier this year in UBS Securities Canada, Inc. v. Sands Brothers Canada, Ltd., the Ontario Court of Appeal examined the extent to which industry custom and common practice may be utilized in determining whether a contract has been formed between two parties. In particular, the investment industry practice of conducting multi-million dollar deals over the telephone was cited by the Court in finding that a binding agreement for the purchase and sale of shares had been concluded between the parties to this litigation and in ordering specific performance of that agreement. [more] Full article