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Jennifer Dyck

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Jennifer Dyck is a former associate of Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Shot Gun Control: Parties must comply strictly with terms of shot gun clauses, says Ontario’s highest court

In the recent decision of Zeubear Investments Ltd. v. Magi Seal Corporation[1], the Court of Appeal for Ontario had the opportunity to consider the proper interpretation of a shot gun (buy-sell) provision ... [more] Full article

Competition Law Review

Contributors: Michael Osborne, Sonny Ingram, Jennifer Dyck, and Christian Farahat. Review of all Canadian Competition Law developments over the last 12 months, plus some US and EU developments, including: Mergers, Criminal, Private Actions, Reviewable Matters, Marketing Practices, The Long Arm of US Antitrust, Across the Pond Top Stories

  • Hard time for hard core cartels
  • Class action requirements loosened
  • Suncor - Petro-Canada merger gets green light
  • Nadeau’s feathers ruffled by Tribunal
[more] Full article

January 2010 Commercial Litigation Update

An update on significant commercial litigation decisions released recently in Ontario.

Contributers: Kenneth Dekker, Jennifer Dyck, Christian Farahat, Sonny Ingram, and Michael Osborne. An update on significant commercial litigation decisions released recently in Ontario. [more] Full article

Norwich orders: Recent developments in the right to pre-action discovery in Ontario

Two recent Ontario decisions, GEA Group AG v. Ventura Group Co. and York University v. Bell Canada Enterprises and Rogers Communications Inc. have clarified the circumstances under which courts should grant the extraordinary equitable remedy of pre-action discovery, commonly known as a Norwich order. [more] Full article