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Sonny Ingram

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Sonny Ingram is a former associate of Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Competition Law Review

Contributors: Michael Osborne, Sonny Ingram, Jennifer Dyck, and Christian Farahat. Review of all Canadian Competition Law developments over the last 12 months, plus some US and EU developments, including: Mergers, Criminal, Private Actions, Reviewable Matters, Marketing Practices, The Long Arm of US Antitrust, Across the Pond Top Stories

  • Hard time for hard core cartels
  • Class action requirements loosened
  • Suncor - Petro-Canada merger gets green light
  • Nadeau’s feathers ruffled by Tribunal
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January 2010 Commercial Litigation Update

An update on significant commercial litigation decisions released recently in Ontario.

Contributers: Kenneth Dekker, Jennifer Dyck, Christian Farahat, Sonny Ingram, and Michael Osborne. An update on significant commercial litigation decisions released recently in Ontario. [more] Full article

Oppression does not guarantee relief

In Hu v. Sung, Superior Court Justice David Brown confronted the question of what to do when a shareholder in a private corporation has wrongfully excluded another from the affairs of the company, but by the time of trial the company has ceased operations, has not turned a profit and there is no evidence the offending shareholder personally benefited from the oppression. [more] Full article

Courts have power to grant injunctions against parties outside their jurisdiction

Late last spring, a unanimous Supreme Court of Canada affirmed that the provinces' Superior Courts have the jurisdiction to issue injunctions with purely extraterritorial effects. [more] Full article

The letters rogatory that got away

Last fall, the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned an order enforcing a request for international judicial assistance (also known as letters rogatory) that sought to compel a former executive of a Talisman Energy Inc. subsidiary to be deposed in a U.S. action. [more] Full article