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WTO Rules Against Canada in Bombardier Dispute

Annie Tayyab

The WTO has recently ruled against Canada in a dispute started by Brazil, which alleges that Bombardier Inc.’s C-Series aircrafts are receiving unfair subsidies from the Canadian government. According to Brazil, Bombardier Inc. and its suppliers have received billions in subsidies, which are allegedly against Canada’s WTO obligations and have hurt Brazil’s aviation industry. Notably, Brazil-based Embraer S.A. is one of Bombardier Inc.’s major competitors. A dispute panel was established at the WTO when a month of consultations failed to resolve Brazil’s complaint. Canada objected to Brazil’s panel request for three main reasons, and the panel disagreed with Canada on ... [more] Full article

Canada’s Foreign Anti-Bribery Law

Canada’s foreign anti-bribery law, the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA), makes it a serious criminal offence for Canadians and Canadian companies to bribe foreign government officials. Canadian companies that operate abroad and foreign companies that employ Canadians need to be aware of this law. [more] Full article

Canada ratifies ICSID, Finally

On November 1, Canada ratified the World Bank’s ICSID Convention by depositing its “Instrument of Ratification” with the ICSID.  In doing so, Canada is the last G8 member to ratify ... [more] Full article

Alberta company charged with foreign corruption

Alberta-based Griffiths Energy International Inc. has been charged with violating the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act. In November 2011, the company’s new management discovered that the former management had ... [more] Full article