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The Hon. David C. Dingwall, P.C., Q.C., ICD.D

The Hon. David C. Dingwall, P.C., Q.C., ICD.D

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Distinguished Visiting Professor, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University and Host of the Ryerson Negotiation Project; David is highly regarded for his substantial, in-depth experience in both the private and public sectors, at both the national and international level. He has engaged in business activities throughout Canada and the United States, as well as Australia, China, Japan, Sweden, Israel, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and Barbados, to name but a few.

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Demons for Negotiators

[ As originally published in The Lawyers Weekly, April 01, 2016 ] In a legal climate that relies with growing frequency on alternative dispute resolution, a lawyer’s negotiating skills are ... [more] Full article

Presentation: Negotiation Techniques for the Business Lawyer

The Hon. David C. Dingwall, P.C., Q.C., was co-speaker for the Canadian Bar Association Skilled Lawyer Series: Negotiation Techniques for the Business Lawyer. David shared his expertise and covers key aspects of the negotiation process, including preparation, negotiation styles, strategies and tactics, and the closing process. This is the PowerPoint Presentation. [more] Full article

Canada ratifies ICSID, Finally

On November 1, Canada ratified the World Bank’s ICSID Convention by depositing its “Instrument of Ratification” with the ICSID.  In doing so, Canada is the last G8 member to ratify ... [more] Full article

Table Manners – Recipes for Negotiators: #2 The Mandate

Another integral aspect of the negotiating process is the mandate. Legal counsel as well as other individuals, often represent clients either as an individual or in a larger groups. Your mandate, or lack of mandate, can be crucial to your success, failure or to prolonging the negotiating process indefinitely. [more] Full article

Table Manners – Recipes for Negotiators

The legendary basketball coach, John Wooden, once said: “A failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” The same can be said of the negotiator. Preparation is another crucial determinant of the negotiating process. [more] Full article

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