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Shotgun Clause Robs Shareholders of $750k

The BC Court of Appeal has upheld an arbitrator’s finding that triggering a shotgun clause terminated the selling parties’ interest in a joint venture, thereby eliminating their entitlement to an outstanding capital equalization payment. The Co-Ownership Agreement In 2007, JEL Investments Ltd. entered into a joint venture with Boxer Capital Corporation and Yanco Management Ltd. JEL held a 50% interest, with the other 50% split between Boxer and Yanco. Boxer and Yanco agreed that JEL would contribute proportionately less equity to the venture up front, due to a lack of available funds at the time. In exchange, any profits would ... [more] Full article

Shareholder spat leaves plaintiffs with no remedy, and an order to pay $2.7 million in costs

The case of Harris v. Leikin Group Inc. provides another illustration of the messy, and costly, fallout that can occur when there is a dispute within a successful family business. [more] Full article

Timminco tossed by Supreme Court of Canada

The Supreme Court of Canada typically agrees to hear only about 10 – 15% of the cases that seek its attention. Not only does a proposed appellant need to explain ... [more] Full article

Shot Gun Control: Parties must comply strictly with terms of shot gun clauses, says Ontario’s highest court

In the recent decision of Zeubear Investments Ltd. v. Magi Seal Corporation[1], the Court of Appeal for Ontario had the opportunity to consider the proper interpretation of a shot gun (buy-sell) provision ... [more] Full article

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Kenneth A. Dekker

Kenneth A. Dekker

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Kenneth (Ken) Dekker, a partner of the firm, is a successful trial and appellate lawyer who is valued by his clients as a resourceful and practical litigation counsel. With more than 12 years of experience, Ken has appeared before all levels of courts in Ontario, including the Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal for Ontario, as well as before the Supreme Court of Canada.

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