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Credit cards subject to provincial disclosure laws

The perennial question in Canadian law (and politics) is: is it federal or provincial? In the case of credit cards issued by banks, the answer is "both". Although banks are a federal responsibility, provincial consumer protection laws mandating disclosure of contract terms apply to banks that issue credit cards, the Supreme Court held recently in three decisions issued the same day. [more] Full article

Criminal Investigations and Cross Border Litigation Not A Bar to US Depositions

The Superior Court of Ontario recently granted an application for the enforcement of letters rogatory to take evidence of, and compel the production of documents by, two non- party Ontario residents in a consolidated multidistrict class action in the US. The Court held that the conditions for enforcement were met and, importantly, rejected the arguments of the Respondents to the application that permitting the examinations would violate the respondent’s rights against self-incrimination.... [more] Full article

Supreme Court to decide if French-language school in Vancouver worse than English-language schools

A group of Vancouver parents of children attending a French-language public school in Vancouver have persuaded the Supreme Court of Canada to hear their case. At issue is whether or ... [more] Full article

New Life for a National Securities Regulator?

On Thursday, September 19, the Canadian government announced a new plan for national securities regulation. So far, it has the support of just two provincial governments, Ontario and British Columbia, but the plan invites all other provinces and territories to sign on. Quebec and Alberta defeated the last federal attempt to create a national regulator, which the Supreme Court deemed unconstitutional in the Securities Reference (2011 SCC 66). But the new plan differs in two important ways. First, there will be no federal law regulating the securities industry in general. Instead, that will be regulated by uniform provincial laws to be adopted by participating provinces. Second, the federal law will deal with criminal provisions, national data collection, and systemic risk in the financial sector, areas the Securities Reference either did not contest or specifically viewed as proper candidates for federal legislation. [more] Full article

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