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Suing for unpaid legal fees (usually) not illegal, Divisional Court confirms

For decades, Ontario lawyers suing to collect their accounts have sometimes faced an obscure but potentially devastating obstacle: the Solicitors Act (Ontario).[1] On its face, s. 23 of the Act seems to ban any action to collect fees from a retainer agreement even though s. 2 of the Act permits a court action to recover fees one month after an account is rendered. Worse, s. 17 seems to require that retainer agreements be reviewed and approved by an assessment officer before a litigation lawyer can receive payment. In most cases, however, neither clients nor the court raised these sections and collection actions proceeded to judgment. The Solicitors Act occasionally ... [more] Full article

Credit Card Class Actions

The plaintiffs in these class actions claim that rules established by the Visa and MasterCard networks constitute a conspiracy to fix the fees that merchants pay (namely, merchant discount rates and interchange fees), contrary to section 45 of the Competition Act. [more] Full article

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Daphne Hooper

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Daphne Hooper has recently joined Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP and intends to concentrate her skills in various areas of Civil Litigation and Competition Law. Daphne articled with Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP and has become a valued member of the team.

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