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Credit Card Class Actions


Anti-competitive? Plaintiffs claim that credit card network rules constitute an unlawful conspiracy.

About the credit card class actions

The plaintiffs in these class actions claim that rules established by the Visa and MasterCard networks constitute a conspiracy to fix the fees that merchants pay (namely, merchant discount rates and interchange fees), contrary to section 45 of the Competition Act.

The defendants include Visa, MasterCard, the “Big Five” Canadian banks, and a number of other smaller Canadian and foreign credit card issuers.


To date, a few foreign bank defendants have agreed to pay over $13 million. The following table itemizes the settlements to date:

PartiesDate SettledClass Action Settlements
Bank of America16-Aug-13$7,750,000
Capital One1-Apr-15$4,250,000

Our commentary

See our commentary on this class action:



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