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Credit Card Class Actions

The plaintiffs in these class actions claim that rules established by the Visa and MasterCard networks constitute a conspiracy to fix the fees that merchants pay (namely, merchant discount rates and interchange fees), contrary to section 45 of the Competition Act. [more] Full article

Denial of Mareva injunction due to Bank’s “dirty hands” upheld

Advancing unfounded allegations of fraud and overstating its case may preclude a party from attaining equitable relief. A panel of the Ontario Divisional Court upheld Justice Stinson's dismissal of a motion to continue an interim Mareva injunction brought by the Royal Bank of Canada. [more] Full article

Bank cannot freeze client’s account at subsidiary absent court order

In the case of Royal Bank of Canada v. Ankur Rastogi[1] , the Ontario Court of Appeal held that RBC could not freeze the accounts of its client at its ... [more] Full article

Bank’s “dirty hands” deprive it of Mareva injunction even though test met

In the case of Royal Bank of Canada v. Boussoulas, the Ontario Superior Court declined RBC’s request to appoint an interim receiver and grant a Mareva injunction against the defendants, who, it was alleged, were continuing their business through a succession of companies in order to avoid repaying RBC loans. [more] Full article