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Kyle J. Peterson*

Kyle J. Peterson*

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Kyle's commercial litigation and advocacy practice offers particular expertise in securities, insurance, construction and employment disputes. A fierce advocate for clients, Kyle has a proven ability to approach client issues in a strategic manner, always balancing their business and commercial interests with their legal rights. Kyle's clients benefit from his experience in business and politics, and appreciate his common sense and results-driven style. * Presently on leave of absence from the Firm. Kyle Peterson was elected as a Member of the House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election.

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Regulations Relating to Financial Advisors and Planners to be Reviewed

The Ontario Ministry of Finance, further to its announcement in the 2014 Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review, is launching a review of regulations pertaining to financial advisors and planners. The ... [more] Full article

Will Crowdfunding “Kickstart” Ontario’s Exempt Market?

On March 20, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) along with its counterparts in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, unveiled the proposed rules to deal with crowdfunding (among ... [more] Full article

Denial of Mareva injunction due to Bank’s “dirty hands” upheld

Advancing unfounded allegations of fraud and overstating its case may preclude a party from attaining equitable relief. A panel of the Ontario Divisional Court upheld Justice Stinson's dismissal of a motion to continue an interim Mareva injunction brought by the Royal Bank of Canada. [more] Full article

Lenders not liable for failing funds

If investors borrow money to invest in mutual funds, and the funds do not perform up to expectations, are the lending financial institutions on the hook? This question was the subject of the recent Court of Appeal decision in Baldwin et al. v. Daubrey et al. [more] Full article

Door left open for tort of invasion of privacy in Ontario

If someone has their privacy violated in Ontario, can they pursue a civil remedy in the Ontario courts? Does Ontario law recognise the tort of invasion of privacy? These questions were the subject of a motion brought by McDonald's Restaurants of Canada seeking to strike out a plaintiff's claim for unlawful invasion of his privacy on the basis that it disclosed no reasonable cause of action. [more] Full article