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Ontario Court Quashes Municipal By-Law Forcing Conversion of Taxi Licences

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The Ontario Superior Court of Justice quashed a resolution of Toronto City Council that required the mandatory conversion of all taxi licences to a new taxi licensing regime on the basis that it was illegally passed. Given the significant impact of that change, the Court exercised its discretion to quash the resolution. The remainder of a new taxi licensing regime was found to have been validly enacted and was thus, upheld. (n.b. Michael Binetti and Fiona Campbell acted as counsel for the Toronto Taxi Alliance in this case.) In the case of Toronto Taxi Alliance Inc. v. City of Toronto, ... [more] Full article

Win For Ford Nation: Court Finds City Had No Authority To Impose Financial Penalty

The Ontario Divisional Court set aside the decision of the Superior Court of Justice that removed Toronto Mayor Rob Ford from office for allegedly breaching the provincial Municipal Conflict of ... [more] Full article

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Michael Binetti

Michael Binetti

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Michael Binetti, a partner of the firm, brings a proven litigation background plus extensive experience in arguing both trials and appeals. He has demonstrated his strategic legal capability and expertise in wide-ranging areas of litigation, including business and construction disputes, fraud, employment law, competition investigations, private competition actions, elections law and dealing with municipal and government regulators.

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