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Whose book of business is it, anyway? Confusion reigns on ‘ownership’ of investment firm client lists

There are few, if any, legal issues affecting the investment industry that are more cloudy and less certain than whether investment firm clients belong to the investment advisor or to the investment firm. And there are arguably few issues more important. This question has been the subject of several widely divergent – and even confusing - court decisions on the issue over the past few years. [more] Full article

Cable company liable for inducing breach of contract

Ontario’s Court of Appeal upheld the trial decision in Drouillard v. Cogeco Cable Canada Inc. that held large cable operator Cogeco Cable liable for telling a cable subcontractor, Mastec Canada, that it would not allow its employee, Mr. Drouillard, to work on Cogeco equipment. [more] Full article

Best Practices for Assessing your Risk of Fraud

rolling up your sleeves to get it right at the start

In the public sector, fraud prevention begins with understanding the main types of fraud that occur, including: a) contracting/procurement fraud; b) claims/benefits fraud; and c) corruption/influence peddling. It is important to have in place mechanisms to both prevent and minimize the risk of fraud and to monitor and investigate situations in which fraud might be occurring. [more] Full article

Bureau can share information with foreign authorities, judge rules

Pre-trial rulings in the Competition Bureau's prosecution of David Stucky for an alleged lottery participations and prize promotions scam have held that the Bureau can share information obtained from search warrants with foreign competition authorities, and that public interest privilege cannot be established on a class basis. [more] Full article