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Jam in Office Products Acquisition

The Commissioner of Competition is challenging a proposed merger that he claims would result in the consolidation of 80% of the Canadian office products market under a single banner. In a ... [more] Full article

Class action attacks “economic effect” of DuPont’s prices

Canada's first vertical price maintenance class action certified against DuPont

Canada’s first class action alleging vertical price maintenance may have far reaching consequences for Canadian manufacturers and distributors. [more] Full article

The year of the guideline

2007 was the year of the guideline. The Competition Bureau issued six guidelines and bulletins, some in draft, some in final form. [more] Full article

Antitrust Division’s conduct in revoking immunity “fundamentally unfair”

Court dismisses charges against Stolt-Nielsen

The US Department of Justice, Antitrust Division has lost its fight to evict Stolt-Nielsen S.A. from its immunity program. [more] Full article