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Peter R. Greene

Peter R. Greene

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Peter is a widely recognized and renowned litigator with substantial expertise in high profile and complex Commercial Litigation at the trial and appellate levels.

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Performance, and Labour and Materials Payment Bonds – Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Surety’s Defences to a Bond Claim

The comfort provided by a surety bond can be lost easily if one does not cross one’s T’s and dot one’s I’s. However, by being aware of the defences most often raised by sureties you can chart a course that reduces the likelihood that the surety bond ends up as nothing more than a souvenir of a construction project gone wrong. [more] Full article

It’s Not Just the Exchange Rate or the Spelling

The Substantial Differences Between Canada and the US in Handling Cheque (Check) Fraud Claims Implications for Insurers

In Canada, “check” is spelled “cheque”; and cheques are, of course, generally written in Canadian dollars and drawn on Canadian banks. Those are not, however, the only differences between Canadian and US law and banking practices relating to cheques. [more] Full article

Construction Bonds


I have been asked to speak on the topic of construction bonds. In speaking to you today I shall attempt to avoid, where possible, boring you with endless legal jargon ... [more] Full article

“Know Your Client Rule” Takes on New Importance

THE RULE When asked to speak on the impact of technological changes taking place in the retail stock market on the "Know Your Client Rule", I was somewhat at a ... [more] Full article

Collecting from Guarantors

To Sue and continue to Trial or to Settle - That is the $100.00 Question

I. Introduction My topic is dear to the hearts of all credit officers, especially those in the special loans groups of our major financial institutions. I do not have a ... [more] Full article

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