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Bureau Zips-Up Parka Labeling Issue

Moose Knuckles

…but made in Vietnam, the Bureau alleged

has agreed to clarify that some of its parkas are made with both Canadian and imported components, in accordance with the Bureau’s “Product of Canada” and “Made in Canada” Enforcement Guidelines, as part of a settlement of the Competition Bureau’s misleading advertising case against it. The Bureau alleged that Moose Knuckles marketed its parkas as when they are mostly manufactured in Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia.

The consent agreement also requires company to implement an internal compliance program to ensure that advertising and labelling practices remain consistent with the terms of the agreement.

Moose Knuckles will also donate $750,000 over five years to charities in Canada, such as those that provide winter jackets to children in need.

This settlement is the second time a case has been resolved with the help of the Competition Tribunal’s process.

Daphne Hooper
Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Daphne Hooper

Daphne represents clients in a broad range of commercial matters and is a valued member of the firm’s competition law practice group. Her experience includes complex contractual disputes, multi-jurisdictional class actions, employment matters and professional negligence, including errors and omissions by brokers/dealers and lawyers.

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