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Supreme Court of Canada (partially) upholds judgment against former Livent auditor

On December 20, Canada’s highest court released a hotly anticipated decision that is almost certainly the final act in the more than 20 year saga of a formerly pre-eminent theater ... [more] Full article

Short and Sweet: SCC Clarifies Summary Judgment Rules, Judicial Powers

The Supreme Court of Canada recently clarified how motion judges should exercise their fact-finding and summary judgment powers under rule 20.04(2.1) and (2.2) of the Rules of Civil Procedure. In ... [more] Full article

Fraud victims may not enjoy priority standing in bankruptcy proceedings

In a recent decision, The Court of Appeal for Ontario clarified the circumstances under which a constructive trust remedy will be granted in favour of victims of fraud once a fraudster enters bankruptcy proceedings. In Credifinance Securities Limited v. DSLC Capital Corp,[1] DSLC made a $400,000 loan to Credifinance. Some time later, Credifinance defaulted on the repayment of the loan. DSLC came to suspect that the loan was obtained by way of fraudulent misrepresentations. [more] Full article

Norwich orders: Recent developments in the right to pre-action discovery in Ontario

Two recent Ontario decisions, GEA Group AG v. Ventura Group Co. and York University v. Bell Canada Enterprises and Rogers Communications Inc. have clarified the circumstances under which courts should grant the extraordinary equitable remedy of pre-action discovery, commonly known as a Norwich order. [more] Full article