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false or misleading representations


A New Privacy Tort in Ontario: Publicity placing the Plaintiff in a False Light

In December 2019, a Superior Court judge awarded damages for the first time for a new privacy tort (“Publicity which places the plaintiff in a false light in the public ... [more] Full article

Grave Misrepresentation Leads to Injunction

A headstone maker was recently ordered by the Nova Scotia Supreme Court to stop making false and misleading statements about a competitor who successfully brought a motion seeking injunctive relief. However, ... [more] Full article

Hyundai and Kia to compensate drivers for inaccurate fuel consumption ads

Hyundai Auto Corp. and Kia Canada Inc. recently entered into consent agreements with the Competition Bureau addressing inaccurate fuel consumption advertisements they made. Hyundai and Kia advertized fuel consumption figures based on ... [more] Full article