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Test for Anti-SLAPP Motions Reaffirmed by the Ontario Court of Appeal

The law has struggled to balance the right to freedom of expression ingrained in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms with protecting the public from defamatory statements. In an effort ... [more] Full article

Does world wide web mean world-wide liability for cyber libel?

Canadian and Commonwealth courts apply old rules to new technologies

In a series of recent decisions, courts in Canada and the Commonwealth have adapted the traditional rules for defamation and jurisdiction to defamation on the internet, and will take jurisdiction if the defamatory materials were downloaded to any significant extent within the jurisdiction, provided that the plaintiff has a sufficient connection with the jurisdiction. As a result, foreign publications with online readers in Canada can be liable in Canada for defaming someone in Canada. [more] Full article

Unclear whether Internet information is considered “broadcast” under the Libel and Slander Act

In Bahlieda v. Santa[1], the question of whether information placed on a website and made available through the Internet is “broadcast” within the meaning of the Ontario Libel and Slander ... [more] Full article