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restraint of trade


Non-solicitation clause with teeth: dental centre successful at Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal for Ontario has upheld the enforcement of a non-solicitation clause in an agreement between a dentist and a dental clinic in its recent decision in Smilecorp Inc. v. Daniel Pesin, 2012 ONCA 853. [more] Full article

Are courts more willing to enforce restrictive covenants?

Prima facie all covenants in restraint of trade are illegal and therefore unenforceable. Recently, this pillar of the law of contract has been given a new, albeit off-putting, coat of paint. [more] Full article

Joint venturers not liable for price fixing

It is not per se illegal for a lawful, economically integrated joint venture to set prices at which the joint venture sells products, the US Supreme Court held in a February 28, 2006 , decision. [more] Full article