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Temporary Workers, Interns Given New Protections

Temporary workers, unpaid interns and foreign nationals will soon be better protected under amendments to Ontario’s employment laws. Employees will also be able to recover more of their unpaid wages ... [more] Full article

Pension Benefits Do Not Replace Wages Owed, Supreme Court Rules

An employee’s pension payments should not be deducted from damages otherwise payable for wrongful dismissal, the Supreme Court ruled recently. Pension benefits are not intended to indemnify wage loss due ... [more] Full article

Discharged employee cannot recover damages for loss of disability benefits on top of damages for wrongful dismissal

A discharged employee cannot recover damages for loss of disability benefits in addition to damages for wrongful dismissal, the Ontario Court of Appeal held in a decision issued on January 10, 2006. Awarding such damages would constitute double recovery, the court said. [more] Full article