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A dog is not just another consumer product, appeal court finds

In a recent decision, Ontario's Divisional Court upheld an award of damages for pain and suffering to a couple who lost their beloved dog. In doing so, it refused to treat family pets as merely another piece of property. [more] Full article

Dismissed employee is entitled to damages for lost disability benefits

In its January 10, 2006 decision in Egan v. Alcatel, the Ontario Court of Appeal awarded damages for both lost salary and lost disability benefits to an employee who became disabled three months after she was dismissed. In doing so, Ontario's top court made it clear that an employer is obliged, not only to continue the salary paid to a dismissed employee during an appropriate notice period, but also to continue all employee benefits, including short and long-term disability benefits. [more] Full article

Ontario’s top court overturns securities class action judgment against Danier Leather

In a unanimous decision written by Laskin JA and released late yesterday, the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned Canada’s first-ever class action judgment in favour of investors arising from misrepresentations by a corporation prior to its initial public offering ("IPO"). [more] Full article

“But for” is not enough

US appeal court finds it has no jurisdiction in Empagran case

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has rejected the latest attempt by foreign plaintiffs to sue in the US for injury caused outside of the US ... [more] Full article