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Business Corporations Act


Recent Ontario cases highlight the scope of the oppression remedy – and its limitations

While the corporate oppression remedy is a broad remedy that can provide relief to a wide range of shareholders and certain other stakeholders harmed when a corporation is run contrary to their reasonable expectations, it will not provide relief to arm’s length contracting parties who later find that their contract does not give them the protection they want. [more] Full article

The cross-border woes of Conrad Black – the dilemma of differing approaches to self-incrimination in Canada and the US.

Conrad Black and other officers and directors of Ravelston must attend to be examined under oath, even though there is a risk that their evidence could be used against them ... [more] Full article

Intercorporate transactions may be oppressive

An unfair intercorporate transfer price system in place between Ford Motor Company of Canada and its US parent, Ford Motor Company, oppressed Ford Canada's minority shareholders, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled in early 2006. However, because there was no evidence as to when these shareholders owned their shares, they were each entitled to only one day's damages. [more] Full article

Court of Appeal overturns supervising judge’s ‘pre-emptive strike’ against Stelco directors

In late March, the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned the decision of Mr. Justice Farley to remove two new directors of steelmaker, Stelco Inc., during its restructuring under the Companies’ ... [more] Full article