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Superior Court Finds Arbitration Agreement for Crypto Trading Platform Unenforceable

In the recent decision, Lochan v. Binance Holdings Limited, 2023 ONSC 6714, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has demonstrated that the courts will find an arbitration agreement unenforceable when ... [more] Full article

Wayward Fiduciary entitled to receive bonus from former Employer, says Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal’s decision in Mady Development Corp. v. Rossetto, 2012 ONCA 31, reaffirmed the principle that equitable relief is always discretionary and fact specific. [more] Full article

Foundations of Effective Cross-Examination

Cross-examination is an invaluable tool at trial. The ultimate challenge for a trial lawyer is to extract information from the opponent's witnesses to support their client's case and/or undermine the credibility of the opponent's position. While no substitute exists for experience I have tried to outline some practical guidelines to assist those who are developing their own style and techniques. [more] Full article