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Are Lobbyists Citizens?

“Clarifications” from Lobbying Commissioner may prevent lobbyists from being members of political parties

“Clarifications” from Canadian Lobbying Commissioner may prevent lobbyists from being members of political parties. On August 23, 2010, the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada Karen Shepherd issued “clarifications” on when political activities by lobbyists create a conflict of interest. Unfortunately, these clarifications lack specifics and the Commissioner’s restrictions on political activities by lobbyists remain too broad. Indeed, they may bar some lobbyists from joining political parties. [more] Full article

No class action where arbitrator has jurisdiction, court holds

Class action legislation does not give courts jurisdiction over cases that would otherwise be dealt with by tribunals or arbitrators, the Supreme Court held in Concordia v. Bisaillon. [more] Full article

Letter to Dental College body protected by absolute privilege

In a recent decision, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has made it clear that professionals who are the subject to defamatory statements made during disciplinary proceedings that merely repeat allegations made in the initial complaint cannot sue the maker of such statements – no matter how false and egregious the statements might be and no matter how malicious their intent. [more] Full article

OSC panel dismisses insider trading allegations against former ATI Technologies CEO

On October 14, 2005 , a three-member panel of the Ontario Securities Commission dismissed the charges of insider trading brought by OSC staff against Kwok Yuen Ho, a former CEO ... [more] Full article