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Adam Wygodny

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Adam Wygodny is a former associate of Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Ex-employees enjoined from accepting business from former employer’s customers

Western Tank & Lining Ltd. recently obtained an extraordinarily broad interlocutory injunction restraining a group of former employees not only from soliciting Western Tank's clients but even from accepting business from customers that Western Tank did business with over the previous 5 years. [more] Full article

Canada’s top court removes plaintiff’s counsel after its receipt of privileged documents

In its recent decision in Celanese Canada Inc. v. Murray Demolition Corp. the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously favoured protecting solicitor-client privilege over the right to be represented by one’s solicitor of choice. [more] Full article

Best Practices for Assessing your Risk of Fraud

rolling up your sleeves to get it right at the start

In the public sector, fraud prevention begins with understanding the main types of fraud that occur, including: a) contracting/procurement fraud; b) claims/benefits fraud; and c) corruption/influence peddling. It is important to have in place mechanisms to both prevent and minimize the risk of fraud and to monitor and investigate situations in which fraud might be occurring. [more] Full article