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David Vaillancourt quoted in The Globe and Mail: Auditor’s duty of care

David Vaillancourt, partner at Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP, was quoted in a recent Globe and Mail article, Auditor’s duty of care, Feb. 15.

The article reported on the upcoming Supreme Court of Canada winter session which includes the appeal of the Ontario Court of Appeal’s Deloitte & Touche v. Livent Inc. ruling. Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP was not involved in the case. However, David Vaillancourt, whose practice focus includes defending professional liability claims, including claims against auditors, was asked for his opinion.

David commented “…it has been difficult for shareholders to sue company auditors since a 1997 Supreme Court ruling, but the court could choose to throw out that precedent (known as Hercules Managements v. Ernst & Young) and “open up a broader right of recovery by shareholders against the auditors of public companies.”

For more commentary and analysis, read David’s original article Curtains For Auditor’s Arguments At The Court Of Appeal In Livent Case, published January 27, 2016 on

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