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CASL Crunch: Kellogg’s Pays $60k

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CASL compliance is part of a balanced business plan

Kellogg’s has agreed to pay $60,000 and undertook to ensure that it, and its third party email marketers, comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL). Kellogg’s was alleged to have sent emails without consent of the recipient during two and a half months in 2014, the CRTC said in a statement.

CASL permits the CRTC to negotiate settlements with businesses by accepting an “undertaking”, which typically includes adopting a compliance program and paying a voluntary fine. By entering into an undertaking, business can avoid fines of up to $10 million, and, starting in July 2017, class actions.

Kellogg’s is the fourth undertaking settlement under CASL; there were three in 2015 (see Standard Of Perfection: CRTC’s Enforcement Of Canada’s Anti-Spam Law).

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W. Michael G. Osborne
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W. Michael G. Osborne

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