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AGM becomes Member of Advertising Standards Canada

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP has become a member of Advertising Standards Canada (ASC), the self-regulatory body that ensures the integrity and viability of advertising in Canada.

ASC was founded in 1957 to ensure the ethical practice of advertising and to serve the best interests of the industry and the public through responsible self-regulation. The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, created in 1963, forms the basis for review of consumer and special interest group complaints, and trade disputes.

Advertising Standards Canada MemberAs a member of Advertising Standards Canada, AGM will support the mandate to:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to responsible advertising self-regulation;
  • Communicate corporate responsibility through support for the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards;
  • Play a role in positively affecting consumer trust in advertising; and
  • Participate in setting and maintaining relevant and contemporary advertising standards.

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP is among the most recognized counsel firms in Ontario and is widely known for its expertise in complex litigation for all manner of commercial disputes, competition law matters and administrative proceedings. AGM’s competition law team is one of Canada’s leading competition law practices. We help businesses develop compliance programs and provide practical advice on proposed business practices, including advertising, marketing, and avoiding deceptive marketing practices. We represent businesses in advertising and marketing-related investigations and prosecutions, as well as Competition Bureau inquiries, and other criminal, administrative or private prosecutions. We help businesses comply with the Competition Act, the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, Canada’s anti-spam law, and other statutes.