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Michael Binetti speaks at The Canadian Institute’s 21st Annual Advertising and Marketing Law Program

taxi-adjustedMichael Binetti and Robert Finta, Associate General Counsel at TELUS, discussed advertising and marketing law remedies in a panel entitled “Can They Really Do That? Process of Challenging a Competitors Ad.”

Issues covered were:

  • Addressing bold advertising statements from competitors
  • Protecting clients’ interests by understanding what it takes to successfully challenge a bogus claim and have regulators intercept
  • Identifying three main routes to challenge a competitor’s ad
  • A detailed guide for challenging advertising claims of direct competitors


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You need to be aware of the rules in the Competition Act that apply to almost every kind of advertising. There are special rules for promotional contests, pyramid selling, and telemarketing. We provide advice on compliance with these provisions and defend clients accused of misleading advertising and other marketing-related offences.