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Competition Law Review – May 2009

Contributors: Michael Osborne, Sonny Ingram, Sandra Monardo, Michelle Booth, Adam Wygodny, and Donna Wilson. Top stories Canada’s new competition law Budget 2009 includes the most significant amendments to the Competition Act in a generation: • A new “per se” conspiracy offence makes it illegal for competitors or potential competitors to fix prices, allocate markets, or control production of a product, even if there is no effect on competition...and more... [more] Full article

AGO contributes to ABA handbook

Many Canadian class actions alleging price fixing conspiracies are run parallel to similar US class actions. As a result, this handbook will be useful to Canadian lawyers seeking to understand how the US class action system deals with issues surrounding indirect purchasers. [more] Full article

“But for” is not enough

US appeal court finds it has no jurisdiction in Empagran case

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has rejected the latest attempt by foreign plaintiffs to sue in the US for injury caused outside of the US ... [more] Full article

Competition Law Update 2003

The Year in Review 2003

TOP STORIES Competition Bureau proposes new “per se” conspiracy provision: Agreements between competitors for the purpose of or that have the effect of fixing prices, allocating customers or markets, or ... [more] Full article