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CarGurus Case Crashes as Tribunal Refuses Leave

Used car listing website operator CarGurus Inc.’s attempt to force rival Trader Corporation to supply it with vehicle listing data has encountered a dead end as the Competition Tribunal denied ... [more] Full article

Intellectual property is not exempt from Competition Act’s reach

Eli Lilly and Co. v. Apotex Inc. On November 2 2005, the Federal Court of Appeal held that where an agreement to assign a patent increases the assignee’s market power ... [more] Full article

Essentials of Reviewable Matters

for the Ontario Bar Association (Essentials of Competition Law)

Introduction The so-called “reviewable matters”[1] are a collection of provisions in the Competition Act[2] (the “Act”) that allow the Competition Tribunal (the “Tribunal”) to order remedies for various situations that ... [more] Full article

Dominant firms can have loyalty and rebate programs that encourage exclusivity, Tribunal rules

Bibby, a division of Canada Pipe, dominates the market for cast iron drain, waste and vent pipes. Its rebate program encourages its customers to stock its products exclusively. But Bibby’s rebate program is not anti-competitive, and thus Bibby did not abuse its dominant position, the Competition Tribunal ruled in a decision released in February, 2005. [more] Full article