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Competition Law Review – May 2009

Contributors: Michael Osborne, Sonny Ingram, Sandra Monardo, Michelle Booth, Adam Wygodny, and Donna Wilson. Top stories Canada’s new competition law Budget 2009 includes the most significant amendments to the Competition Act in a generation: • A new “per se” conspiracy offence makes it illegal for competitors or potential competitors to fix prices, allocate markets, or control production of a product, even if there is no effect on competition...and more... [more] Full article

Class action attacks “economic effect” of DuPont’s prices

Canada's first vertical price maintenance class action certified against DuPont

Canada’s first class action alleging vertical price maintenance may have far reaching consequences for Canadian manufacturers and distributors. [more] Full article

The year of the guideline

2007 was the year of the guideline. The Competition Bureau issued six guidelines and bulletins, some in draft, some in final form. [more] Full article

Rebate program case settles

Canada Pipe agrees to offer alternative modified rebate program

Canada Pipe Company Ltd. and the Competition Bureau have settled their long running dispute over the rebate program offered by Canada Pipe to its distributors by filing a consent agreement with the Competition Tribunal. This brings to an end an abuse of dominance case begun in 2002. [more] Full article