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Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP welcomes Kyle Taylor to the Partner’s Table

Kyle Taylor, Affleck Greene McMurtry LLp

Kyle R. Taylor, Partner, Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Kyle Taylor is an accomplished competition and commercial litigator with significant expertise in complex and multi-jurisdictional litigation. He has extensive experience in both Canada and the United States representing plaintiffs and defendants in prominent class actions, competition/antitrust litigation, and all manner of business and cross-border disputes. Before joining Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP (AGM) in 2016, Kyle practised for many years in the New York office of a global litigation firm. This rare combination of litigation expertise in major jurisdictions in Canada and the US delivers a unique, strategic advantage to AGM’s clients. Kyle frequently appears before all levels of court in Canada and has appeared before federal, state, and appellate courts in the US.

“From the first meeting, we were impressed with Kyle’s legal abilities,” says Peter Greene, Senior Partner, Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP. “His talent, strategic insight and expertise across a broad spectrum of complex litigation and cross-border rules of understanding are responsible for his success. AGM is privileged to have Kyle as our Partner.”

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