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Michael Osborne quoted on Loblaws bread price fixing admissions

Loblaws admitted to overcharging Canadians for for 14 years

Michael Osborne was interviewed and quoted in several publications on the repercussions of the recent admission by Loblaws that it participated in a scheme to fix retail bread prices.

Canadian Lawyer Mag, December 21

Michael explained the Competition Bureau’s immunity and leniency programs in an interview with Jennifer Brown of Canadian Lawyer Mag: 

Loblaw gained first-to-bureau advantage

“It’s all about the race to be the first person to call the Competition Bureau,” says Michael Osborne, a competition law lawyer with Affleck Green McMurtry LLP in Toronto.”

“You don’t go to jail, you don’t pay a fine, you don’t get convicted or plead guilty to a criminal offense — it’s like it didn’t happen from a criminal standpoint.”

“This is when you take the little hammer and break the glass and call the competition lawyer…very fast. There is a reasonable chance your co-conspirators are calling the bureau to rat you out. You want to rat them out before they rat you out”

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CBC Radio One – Metro Morning, December 21

CBC Radio One’s Metro Morning hosted by Matt Galloway, December 21, 2017.

Bread price-fixing

meetings often happen on the margin of trade association meetings, golf courses and at Tim Horton’s.”

“These companies are taking a very hard look at all of their operations…to discover what else might be there. If there’s more going on, it will probably come out.”

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The Globe and Mail, December 20

Michael explained how price fixing works in an interview with David Ebner of The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business:

Explainer: What is price-fixing and how does it work?

“Studies indicate that only a minority of such schemes are ever uncovered, roughly one in five, said lawyer Michael Osborne, a competition law expert and partner at Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP in Toronto.”

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