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Michelle E. Booth

Michelle E. Booth

Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Michelle's skills and practice expertise extend to commercial litigation, civil litigation, class actions, and employment, administrative and competition law.

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Criminal Investigations and Cross Border Litigation Not A Bar to US Depositions

The Superior Court of Ontario recently granted an application for the enforcement of letters rogatory to take evidence of, and compel the production of documents by, two non- party Ontario residents in a consolidated multidistrict class action in the US. The Court held that the conditions for enforcement were met and, importantly, rejected the arguments of the Respondents to the application that permitting the examinations would violate the respondent’s rights against self-incrimination.... [more] Full article

Computer Files in Plain View: A Common Sense Approach

The Court of Appeal, in R. v. Jones, has provided some clarity and guidance with respect to the permissible scope of the search of a computer which is seized under a valid search warrant, where such a warrant is authorized for the search of evidence in an unrelated crime. [more] Full article

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